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Shucked and Strummed: “How?”
I decided Ottmar Liebert’s ‘Euphoria’ was the way to go. Soothing electronica cum bossa. It turned out to be a good choice. Perhaps a little rough around the edges for the soothing sight of an untouched snowy field, but I had a bit of stomach-churning angst going at the same time and something a little too perfect wouldn’t have done the trick. I listened to ‘Twilight Rain’ and the thump-thump of the bass drum mimicked the passing telephone poles. The guitar purred, describing each passing field. Hill… expanse… tree… expanse… rolled. A bell punctuated the form, but wasn’t really there. It’s the echo of the bell calling the boys home after a day in the fields. It hasn’t rung in six months, but when the field is this serene, the sound reappears kind of cosmically.

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  1. Borya

    So actually it’s Nouveaumatic he’s talking about! Well, so far I have never connected this emanation of yours with snow covered fields, even more watched from a train. In the wide, cold and oscure open of Siberia it was especially the second half of “Winter Rose” accompanying me, also ITAOL. And recently back in Bavaria where we have enduring snow since mid-November, it were the TiR-tracks.

    But let me use this opportunity to state that sobre todo the Quiet Dawn Remix on NVMT rocks!! Very chilling, very late night, very well done, Canton Becker!!


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