Photography in Tibet

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First I bought the Canon CBC-NB2 Car Battery adaptor for $75.99. Found out that to start charging it needs to draw the full car voltage of 12-14V, but my backpack can only deliver a maximum of 10V. 10V would be fine for the trickle charge, but not enough for the rapid charge that starts the process. Emailed Voltaic and they couldn’t offer any suggestions, but did offer to take back the backpack. Second I bought a car-charger from, model CTA mini-rapid charger. Only $16.99, but it smelled of electric burn after the first charge and I tossed it. My third try was a Solar Charger for Canon with 5 Watt Rollable Solar Panel from Sundance Solar. I am hopeful that this might work. I’ll let you know…


  1. Mike

    This company makes an excellent rollout solar panel that meets your needs of 10-14vdc.This company is well recognized in the defense community. So, if your solar panel doesn’t meet your needs, give these folks a try.
    Have a good day,

  2. Mike

    Here is a better link Ottmar. The portable and flexible panels range from 10.5 to 34 watts, thats pretty significant for a flexible panel, especially in a backpack scenario. Hope this helps.



    How about film?



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