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Destruction has an end, which is the beginning of creation. Creation has an end which is the beginning of destruction. Better to say that neither has an end. The two go hand in hand. Some trees only release their seeds when it gets very hot… during a fire.

It is the dynamic between destruction and creation, or love and hate, the energy that crackles between these polar energies that literally fuels the universe. It keeps everything moving and evolving. It powers evolution on every level imaginable – from bacteria to awareness. That energy derives from duality. That dynamic is the very essence of our life, the energy that derives from creation/destruction, love/hate, stillness/movement…

Our mind. It is in constant flux. It is liquid. I suggest that not only does mind not want to rest in unity, but that it cannot! In other words, the start of this universe was the end of another universe. And the end of this universe will be the start of another universe. Or, to say it in another way: Big Mind (or God if you are in the Judeo-Christian tradition) will not rest in unity. It is quite impossible. And everyone looking to rest in a heaven, and all those hoping to attain nirvana are looking the wrong way. There is no rest. There is only rest in movement. Like there is a rest between moving your left foot and your right foot in walking, or the moment between exhalation and inhalation. Those moments are the windows between Unity and Duality.

Big Mind cannot rest in unity alone. And yet it is also true that Big Mind is resting in unity at all times…

All of this is both perfect Unity and perfect Duality… without end

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  1. Carol

    I like that. It’s exciting. And that’s the way we want it to be. Together we are ready. And alone we must be.
    I say it too often but Ottmar, you give us so much to think about.


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