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Drive 08 March 06 - 19
Click on the photo to view a set of 13 photos that show a 360º view.

Went for a drive early this morning. Something I should do more often. I don’t have a 9-5 job, so why do I sometimes live as if I do? I stopped at a little hill near Chimayo and took the above 360º set of photos. The hill is very familiar to me because 20 years ago I lived only a few miles from that spot and visited it often. Then I continued through Chimayo and towards Truchas. I turned right towards Santa Cruz lake. Driving through a tiny Northern New Mexico village my iPod, on shuffle, delivered Thru the Trees/Cloudless Sky from the album Borrasca. It fit the mood and landscape perfectly and I thought of this:

ichi-go, ichi-e
meaning: for this time only, never again, one chance in a lifetime

While I love that music, it is also a distant past now. Those albums are all snapshots. From NF to Borrasca, then the change to The Hours…, then Opium. La Semana feels so different from Borrasca and it should – it’s 13 years younger. It all sounds so different and yet I recognize myself in all of it. Like looking in the mirror and noting a change. So different yet the same. I crawl on the floor, playing with my son and 40 years fall away from my mind and I am not different from him… just crawling and exploring and playing.

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.

Also reminds me of Nan-Chuan, who said:

Tao does not belong to knowing or not-knowing.
Knowing is illusion; not-knowing is stupor.

Then I stopped at the Tesuque Village Market for breakfast. Coffee, huevos rancheros – christmas (both red and green chile), eggs over medium.


  1. eno

    This picture takes me straight to a moment I had out in Joshua Tree, CA. Up on top of one of the huge rocks looking out for miles and somehow being caught in a time freeze. The feeling of the sun, the sound of the wind againest my ears, and the sight of eternity. Those moments feel empty and fulfilling at the same time.

    Good stuff =-)

  2. Paula

    Its bliss, joy, peace whatever – those moments when we “live in the Now” but it is even better when you experience a flash of the past and a flood of memories that when mixed together you get…a new perspective! accompanied with tunes even better yet to never expereince again. how great! I know !
    bon appetite for next time

  3. Thirtyseasons

    That’s the stuff of human experience, and it always amazes me. The themes and threads of human experience seem to endlessly repeat in all of us, but the details are always distinctly unique. It’s powerful stuff if you dive into it, and I’ve always felt like those threads, the common themes we all experience, are what bring us together as people and help us better relate to one another. Thanks for that one……

  4. Mike

    Isn’t that awesome just to take a drive like that and listen to fantastic music. The scenery comes alive as one travels through it. You almost feel as if your the only one out there. Borrasca is the first album I purchase and one of my favorites to this day. Boy, I just dated myself by mentioning album.. I mean CD. Very nice pictures Ottmar and once again, thank you for sharing them. Have a wonderful weekend.


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