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Music: rough mixes for new Steve Stephen album

I love what I do.
I was going to write that I love my profession, but that word feels wrong. So does the word job, and the word calling is way over the top.
I love being an artist, a musician.
I love that I don’t go to work, yet I am always at work. I love that there is no separation between living and working. I love that I don’t have hours of operation. I work 24/7. Or maybe I play 24/7. Well, sometimes it feels like work and sometimes it feels like play. And yet, both words do not convey the right meaning. It is neither play nor work. It is dealing with music, being conscious of music and of shapes and colors and movement. It is about being seriously playful. Seriously playful because the definition of the word playful is for one’s own or others amusement, rather than seriously

From the moment my ears open in the morning until I fall asleep every sound I hear is part of my daily symphony. And when I fall asleep I dream about it.

I don’t have holidays (I usually find out about holidays when I want to send a package and the post-office is closed) and week-ends are no different from weekdays, although I do notice that there is less ambient noise on Sundays.

Oh, and Steve’s new music is fantastic. Maybe a late Spring release for SSRI.


  1. Mike

    That was a very good read Ottmar. I was wondering, when do you think your at your peak performance for creativity? I find that I think of ideas or create things after a cold beer or when all is peaceful around me. Was just wondering. Thanks,

  2. Just Me

    Your passion is evident in your art.

    We should all be so fortunate…or maybe we should all figure out how to get ourselves to the same place in life.

  3. Borya

    Sounds cool. I mean what you write about Steve Stephen in this case. As soon as I have my credit card (ordered at last), I’ll download his mp3. Haven’t found an order possibility of a hard copy of it yet.
    Oh, and the rest of course is fantastic to read and imagine as usual. :)

  4. Vive

    This is amazingly inspirational. I have been searching so long for meaning in my work and have not found it. I have not yet discover my true self and find work that gives me meaning – I will continue my search and hope that one day I will also be able to say “I love what I do” :=)

  5. Viet

    This is amazingly inspirational for me. When you live your life with such passion, work can be so satisfying. I am still searching for that …


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