Dented Cone Update

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Thanks for your suggestions. Alas, spheres are very stable and the plastic cone did not budge even though my vacuum cleaner was straining to suck it out of the speaker… I like the idea of using duct tape and will try that next. It was actually my original idea, you know, 1001 uses…

Bingo, that worked. I used Gaffer tape, because it does not leave the residue that Duct tape will. Gaffer tape – the better Duct tape. Thanks everyone!


  1. Yumiko

    And will there be a cone photo update as proof?

  2. Carol

    I am glad to hear that you have solved it. I was getting as frustrated as when the last ping pong ball was dented. I don’t remember if we solved that. Congratulations!

  3. Tyler Love

    Wow, how genius…making mental note for future reference…

  4. Curt

    Glad we could help! I wasn’t even thinking about the “1001 Uses for Duct Tape” when I suggested that!! Personally, I loathe that stuff and find that too many times it’s used to “fix” something, but when it works, it works!

    I concur with Yumiko – there will be a photo of the repaired speaker, yes?!?!


  5. Anonymous

    Color me doubtful….but I think he broke it, and this is just a cover up. Gaffer Tape? Definitely a recipe for double-tough duct tape disaster. Keep an eye out on Ebay Bargain Basement Broken Boomers from Ottmar. Photo Proof Required

  6. Yumiko

    Without a doubt, successful!

  7. bob

    I have just fixed the same problem with a dented cone on one of my Mackie HR624 monitors. I humbly suggest that I have found the classiest solution yet and I think I should get a prize…like a blue ribbon or a free popsicle.

    I used one of those wine bottle vacuum suckers. It worked great. The speaker made a satisfying tiny hint of a pop and the cone is good as new.

    Mackie speakers should come with a warning: do not operate within 30 meters of a two-year old.


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