Stay Back!

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Stay Back! Jessica’s in Aisle 4 | Jessica Simpson :
Before shopping at Wild Oats organic food market, the actress (who’s been in New Mexico filming her role as a Wal-Mart cashier in Employee of the Month) called ahead to let management know she was coming. Store employees were asked not to approach her and were told to make sure she wasn’t bothered while making her selections. And while she was there, her entourage surrounded her so that she could stroll through the store without being approached.

I heard about this today. What a moron! At least I had a laugh while fixing my nails with Krazy Glue so I can get back to practicing.


  1. Carol

    uuughh, people! the awful things one has to put up with (at a distance of course )when one is a star..

  2. Anonymous

    Ohh Great I should call wal-mart and do the same..Hello wal mart this is Jeff..Im coming around noon.. I would appreciate some quiet time while I shop and prefer not to mingle with the peasants………….
    Thank God I can blend in like a pink flamingo in a floridian landscape..


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