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On Feb 19, 2006, at 17:06 , somebody wrote:
Where can I find the liner notes for Ottmar Liebert’s Nouveau Flamenco 1990-2000 Special Edition?

You will find a booklet with liner notes inside the CD package of that album. We don’t sell that particular album on our web site, nor do we have replacements for the booklet in case you lost it.

Maybe you bought the CD and the booklet was missing – you should complain to the vendor who sold the album to you.

Maybeyou have received a copy of the CD, in which case you are asking me to supply a booklet to something you haven’t purchased and which is technically stolen goods since Higher Octave/EMI enforces a strict copyright on that particular album. That I disagree with enforcing a strict copyright on CDs is of no consequence.

Maybe you have purchased a download copy of the CD from another vendor, in which case you could ask that vendor to supply a booklet.

I am unable to help you in any case.


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