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From an email-response I sent today:

I think there are three elements to successfully mastering an album:
1. overall EQ of the music
2. compression – we may not like it, but the audience is accustomed to hearing compression and therefore usually prefers a certain amount of it
3. sound level/volume of each song

The third element is the hardest to master – because a song will subjectively feel louder or softer than the previous song, but they may objectively be equals. That’s when the experience of a mastering engineer shines.

And THIS was the sponsored link Google served up in Gmail… Funny

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  1. Paul Abbott

    Ottmar — Thanks for posting this. A handful of your flamenco guitar followers/ protégés have contacted me since, and I’ve had the pleasure of mastering their albums. I *love* flamenco, so it’s been a real treat.

    Happy New Year!,

    Paul Abbott



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