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Helmets – for whom? Cyclists or Motorists?
A few days a go we ran a post about a Dutch mother transporting her kids on a bicycle. As anticipated, we had a flurry of comments, wondering why the riders weren’t wearing helmets. This question raises many others that are rarely asked. Like why don’t motorist rides buses, instead of driving cars? Because buses are 25 times less likely to cause a motor vehicle death than car. And if in 2004, there were 37,142 driver/occupant US road fatalities, compared to 725 pedacyclist deaths, why it is that cyclists should wear helmets and not motorists? (and it can’t be because there are less bicycles out there, ‘coz we already know that bike sales exceed cars.)
(Via Treehugger)

I can’t find the link right now, but I read somewhere that not wearing a helmet in a car is just as un-safe as not wearing one on a motorcycle. I never wore a helmet on my Harley unless I drove on the Interstate highway. I never wore a helmet on my bicycle, period. Well, no that’s not true: I tried wearing a helmet and hated it. Maybe it’s just what one is used to, but I survived 3 years of bicycle-messengering by being able to hear what was happening behind me.

I have heard, however, of a guy in Santa Fe who wore a helmet inside his car.

I sure hope my son doesn’t find this entry if I make him wear a helmet…


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