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Robert Fripp’s Diary
In the world of music, (it appears to us that) the musician creates the music. It is more accurate to say that music creates the musician. For a musician, it is not a ‘temptation’ to be present & involved when music becomes available to enter the phenomenal world: it is a matter of being & doing who & what we are. A musician who undertakes the professional life enters a life of grief and pain: what has value is accorded a price. But when a musician believes that music is a commodity, music has just died in them.

Yes, all true. The question is, as professional musicians do we spend more time making music than we would be able to if we had another job and music was our special ‘hobby’. Or are we bogged down by business decissions we have to make.

This reminds me of our ListeningLounge. Download purchases per song unfortunately are in the hundreds, not the thousands. The cost of creating the LL and of running it are currently higher than the returns. This raises the question what am I willing to do to promote the LL and myself. Not much actually. If you, the listener, enjoy the LL you will tell others.

Read on and don’t miss this gem, a letter to Fripp from a Japanese fan:

’Cold’ means a highest state of performance of total objectivity, no intension of trying to express something personal after an endless discipline. In other words, ’It is Just there’ I suppose.

And toward the end Fripp talks about recording splashes for Windows. I thought he’d be mad that somebody video-taped the session, but he does not mention that.


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