Dr. Temple Grandin

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Temple Grandin’s Web Page

Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter

Temple Grandin has written several books, one of which is Animals in Translation

Besides being autistic, Temple Grandin earned her Ph.D. in animal science from the University of Illinois; went on to become an associate professor at Colorado State University; and wrote two books on autism, including the seminal Thinking in Pictures. When Dustin Hoffman went to research his role in Rain Man, Temple was the person he contacted.

One of the most celebrated and effective animal advocates on the planet, Grandin revolutionized animal movement systems and spearheaded reform of the quality of life and humaneness of death for the cows, pigs, and chickens that Americans eat. Through Grandin Livestock Systems, she works with the country’s fast food purveyors-McDonald’s, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Wendys, and Burger King to monitor the conditions of animal facilities worldwide.

Temple Grandin is a towering figure for our times. She has devoted the last 30 years to studying animals and making their lives better, has been profiled everywhere everywhere from 48 Hours to The New York Times, is a sought-after speaker on autism and animal rights, and is considered one of the world’s leading academic theoreticians in her field.

HERE is an very interesting 40 min NPR interview with Dr. Temple Grandin from January of last year, regarding the book Animal Behavior.
Just listened to it. Amazing!
Thanks MJ


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