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How TerraPass works | TerraPass: Fight global warming, promote alternative energy
Each year, the average car emits about 10,000 lbs (three times its weight!) in carbon dioxide pollution – a leading cause of global warming. You buy a TerraPass. TerraPass funds clean energy projects that reduce industrial carbon dioxide emissions. Your TerraPass is third-party certified to reduce the equivalent of your car’s carbon dioxide pollution.

You can find the Carbon Calculator for your car HERE. Unfortunately they don’t have tour busses and trucks on the list of vehicles, but one can use THIS to calculate any vehicle not listed.

At first I thought this is something the government should do, instead of a corporation. But, TerraPass is figuring in a 10% profit margin and government is rarely that lean. So, maybe it is better to have a private company do this.

A one-year TerraPass for my Prius will be cheap ($30), but the tour bus is going to cost me… I’ll let you know once I have all of the numbers.

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