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In October of 2004 I wrote:

Wouldn’t it be great…

…if we could have a web site where me and the guys could enter our location, make notations about the venues we play – to be used by other travelling musicians for example, enter information about the internet access, add notes about local music stores, transportation providers, liquor stores, restaurants, shops, bars, other sites etc.
It would be nice if that info could show as lines on a map, criss-crossing the US and the planet, different colors for each year…
Also would be nice if it had a searchable database… like where should I have breakfast in Boulder, Colorado? Where can I get my bass fixed in Albuquerque? etc.
It would be nice if any piece of info could be chosen to be public or just for friends.
Just dreaming….like a for internet AND meat-space + the searchable database, + charting travel….

In November of last year I wrote:

Maybe this exists already? If it does not, it just seems like something Google should do. A web site that allows a person to map their travels according to GPS locations or points – see above Google Map that shows a point I took while staying in Rome last month. This would be a great way to share locations with people.

The interface would be a map of the world that would show points and annotations of those points. These points would be tagged/labelled – i.e. restaurant italy rome etc. – and some of the points would be public while others could remain private (friends or family). Then one could search: show me all of the restaurants Ottmar tagged in Rome and their exact locations. And then one could map the easiest way to get there from hotel xyz.

Over time one could view one’s travels as lines across the globe, a different color for every year.

It is something that keeps running through my mind. Just imagine a lifetime of travel on a map of the world and being able to zoom in on any part and annotate it, making notes of places to see, where to eat, sleep etc., linking to photos, blog entries. Everything linked via GPS locations.



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