MPG violations

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MPG violations cost carmakers-BMW leads the way, paying $12M in fines for failing to comply with U.S. fuel economy rules.
BMW AG agreed to pay more than $12 million in civil penalties to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration last year, part of the nearly $32 million in fines paid by automakers in 2005.BMW paid the money for three separate violations of Corporate Average Fuel Economy rules, which require that an automaker’s passenger car and light truck fleets achieve basic efficiency standards.For the 2006 model year, the federal standard for cars is 27.5 mpg. For light trucks, it is 21.6 mpg.Makers of luxury models and sports cars have often treated the CAFE fines as a cost of doing business, rather than trying to engineer the vehicles to deliver performance and the mandated levels of fuel economy.
(Via Jalopnik)

That’s small change for BMW. Paid with a smile, I’m sure.


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