TV Writers Must Sell, Sell, Sell

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In a recent episode of the NBC series Medium, writers had to work the movie Memoirs of a Geisha into the dialogue three times because of a deal the network made with Sony earlier in the season. They even had the characters go on a date to an early screening of the movie and bump into friends who had just viewed Geisha to tell them how good it was.

(Via Wired News)

It’s amazing how some Sci-Fi writers anticipated this scenario decades ago. Oh, and there SONY is in the news again. It appears that the days when Sony was in the news for a tech invention or great design are gone. Now it’s their content divisions (music and film) that hog the spotlight…

Will TV writers and AD Agencies start writing together? Will there be a new class on TV/AD writing in our colleges and universities? How to write a plot with as many product placements as possible…


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