Tuesday Morning

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Alan is walking around San Antonio after breakfast this morning. He just finished saying “I wish we had a show to do today instead of having another day off”, when his mobile phone rings. After a short conversation he hangs up and says: “I didn’t mean it like this!!”. The call came from Austin’s One World Theater which was wondering when we would arrive TODAY . Apparently we are doing two shows tonight instead of the 18th…

We rallied the troops and jumped on our busses and are arriving in Austin right now…

On the road I see a guy in a silver Nissan 350Z convertible, wearing a Santa Claus hat. He is on the phone, of course – taking orders perhaps?

One World Theater Interior - 3
We enjoy these performances after a couple of days off!! Tonight’s two shows are the first two of four sold out shows and we will come back on Friday for another round.


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