the blue room: Davo

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B.B.King's in Manhattan
Photo by Adam

the blue room: Davo
Davo himself called it a special ‘chemistry’ between him, Jon and Ottmar, and I think, Ottmar said so as well in one of his blog entries some time ago. All three of them have such a tender kind of playing their instruments, even when the music gets rougher (Duende del amor), it seems as if the fingers would hardly touch the strings or the cajon, as if they were flying over them. Ottmar laughed when hearing that, saying that even his mother once told him to look more in pain when playing…

Special indeed. We are having a wonderful time together. Davo keeps adding to his enormous collection of percussion instruments: he bought a new djembe in Manhattan, which he has used since Westhampton, and yesterday he bought some shakers and a very cool claydrum in Annapolis. When he, Jon and I play together it is as if the rhythm is synched internally, as if somehow we were hooked up together via ethernet. It’s a wonderful experience and one I haven’t felt with any other percussionist.


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