Friday Morning

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Jon and I are sitting on the bus in New Jersey with a view of the Manhattan skyline, which is ablaze in glorious sunshine. It is cold, but not as cold as it was last night. Toronto was 13F when we left. Luckily our driver decided to leave earlier than planned, because Buffalo received 11 inches of snow right after we came through.
leaving Toronto
This is a photo Steve took as our busses were leaving the hotel in Toronto.

Looking out of the window of the bus as we were leaving the hotel, I noticed a person apparently attempting to sleep on the sidewalk in a cardboard box – at 13F! I wonder how many homeless people die of exposure in cities like Toronto, Buffalo or Chicago each winter.

I had a nice Oryoki Thanksgiving in Toronto. I had decided to celebrate the holiday by eating “just enough” (that’s the translation of the Japanese word Oryoki) and had only one meal, a wonderful lunch at Terroni. It felt more like a “Thanksgiving” than the big traditional meals.


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