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Winter Garden, Toronto
You can click on the above photo to view Just Me’s slideshow of photos from last night’s performance in Toronto, a performance I enjoyed very much. The venue was beautiful and sounded great and the audience was as wonderful as I remembered Toronto audiences to be. We were having some gremlins in the monitor system, but the performance transcended those.
Winter Garden, Toronto - Ceiling1
Photo of the ceiling. About the Winter Garden Theater:

Designated a national historic site in 1982, the Elgin & Winter Garden Theatre Centre is the last “double-decker” or stacked Edwardian theatre facility in the world. Built in 1913 as the flagship of the famous Loews chain of vaudeville theatres, the 1,500-seat Elgin theatre (downstairs) is a sumptuous affair with royal boxes and exquisite gilded plaster details. Upstairs, however, is the magical Winter Garden, named for the trompe l’oeil paintings of vines and pastoral, and the fabulous simulated fire-proof garden that hangs from the roof, including thousands of beech boughs. Multi-million dollar renovations mean that for all the ambiance, these two theatres are state-of-the-art.

Toronto Soundcheck
Steve’s photo of the soundcheck.


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