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Flight to Salt Lake City - 4
Interesting: Gasoline in Albuquerque: $1.89/gallon
Gasoline in Santa Fe: $2.89/gallon

First of all, traveling with my guitar was a great experience. I had printed out THIS page with info on transporting musical instruments from the site, but I didn’t have to show it to anybody. I checked a duffel at the Southwest Airlines counter and then proceeded through security with a shoulder bag and my guitar case. At the gate a SWA person told me that in case I could not find space for my guitar case in the overhead bins they would have to check it as baggage, but I had no trouble finding a slot even thought the flight was full. I would suggest to make sure that one is in boarding-group A, because by the time the C group boards, most available space has been taken. To get from Albuquerque to Salt Lake City and back I got onto three different planes and in all cases I was able to stow my guitar in its Calton case in the overhead space.

Had a wonderful time in SLC. Both benefit concerts were sold out and while the audiences were quite different – Friday night I played in the Zendo in front of about 60-70 people that mostly had some kind of relationship with Zen or the Center and Saturday evening I played at the Alta club in front of about 110 people who were business people, attorneys, judges, but also people working in cultural fields, i.e. museums and such – and yet I felt that both gave me their undivided attention. I brought a Shure KSM141 microphone and we amplified the guitar, but very little was necessary!


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