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I have been playing a lot of guitar since coming home – as you can imagine. The finger muscles are still there, but the callus has worn off. I have a few more days until a fundraiser for Kanzeon Zen Center in Salt Lake City on Friday evening, where I will be performing solo in the Zendo. And next week I have to prepare for the Holiday tour and re-learn some of the music I wrote and study Jon’s new arrangements. A very busy couple of weeks.

I opened the packages that Federal Express returned to Santa Fe after not delivering them to me in Italy. When I opened the guitar case I noticed one of the keys that unlocks the case lying on top of the guitar. Somebody had obviously opened the case and looked around. Luckily the case has a proper tight fit and held the key in one place and the top was neither scratched nor damaged. But how stupid can a person be – too lazy to lift the guitar out and place the key back in the compartment under the neck! I checked out my trusty Tumi duffel and a whole bunch of screws had been taken out, probably during a search of the case. Some parts were loose and one part was gone altogether. I will have to send the case to Tumi for repair or replace it.

So much for my bright idea of shipping luggage and a guitar to Italy in order not to have to carry so much through airports…

I decided to take my guitar in its Calton case to the airport on Friday for my flight to Salt Lake City. The is nothing to fear but fear itself and I can’t freak out over transporting my guitar. Wish us luck…


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