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Thursday: yesterday we drove to the Trattoria Da Busse in a little town called Pontremoli. A couple of sisters in their sixties or seventies and their cousin operate this lovely restaurant. None of their children have an interest in continuing the business and so the restaurant will close in a few years. If you have a chance to visit this place, you should jump at it. The local speciality is a flat buckwheat pasta that looks like a thin crepe-pancake and, I believe, is made in a wood burning oven.
It is served cut up into sections with pesto. Amazing. For the second course we asked for a little bit of everything which our waitress/proprietress found very exciting. After serving the second course, she told us that we would get fined for any piece of food left over. We had a couple of pieces of food left over and decided to pile the plates on top of each other and to hide the remnants in between. She busted us immediately, laughing.


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