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Rome was beautiful and sunny on Saturday morning. Woke up early and walked around at 5:30AM, enjoying the still quiet city. I have never felt unsafe walking in an Italian city at night or in the early morning – something I might hesitate to do in America. Check out this photo from the deserted Piazza de Spagna!
Piazza di Spagna
Went to the railway station and took a train to Florence at noon, rented a car and drove to the little town in Tuscany. Since then – a few hours of sunshine, but mostly rain…

FedEx messed up the three packages – two suitcases and my guitar – and we ended up opting for the packages getting returned to Santa Fe, which seemed safer than maybe, maybe getting them before our trip was over. That, of course, means that I have to buy shoes and socks and other clothes because I brought only enough to last a couple of days…

Unfortunately it also means that I will have no guitar to play for four weeks. Four weeks!! That will be the longest time without a guitar in my life – well, in the last 35 years…


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