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Great Blogs #1: Ottmar Liebert

I’ve decided to launch a new series of posts about some of my favorite blogs, plus examples of interesting and well-designed blogs I come across. One such blog belongs to the multi-faceted, Grammy-nominated, platinum-selling (and fellow German) guitarist Ottmar Liebert. His posts are an interesting smorgasbord on music as an art form, his performances, life in the recording studio and the music business. Archives go back as far as 1994. (Yes, I also find that a little hard to believe, but nonetheless, he’s got some good stuff in there.)

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Well, of course there was no “blogging” back in 1994, but I traveled with my Apple computer and had a mailing list of fans who would receive regular posts, I mean emails, from me while I was on tour. I was using CompuServe up to the time they were bought by AOL. They had a great international network of local dial-up connections. Thanks for the mention.


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