Saturday Morning

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I have never been to Portugal, but I have often wanted to visit the country, and especially Lisbon. I found this beautiful photo on Flickr this morning. I want to record some guitar pieces in the lighthouse!

Will visit the Counter Culture cafe on Baca Street this morning. They are showing some photos my brother took.

I will leave on Thursday for a few weeks in Italy. In fact I am going to have to pack – have I mentioned I hate packing – this weekend because I will ship a guitar and luggage via FedEx on Monday. No rushing through endless hallways with luggage to make the connection for me this time. Travel very light – and ship the rest…

I don’t know how often I will be able to post from Italy. I might end up using MARS (What? still no title-support for Blogger in MARS!?!?) to write and will post when I can get a connection, but no later than the last weekend of October.


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