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I don’t think I would need MetroNaps. I have traveled a lot starting when I was little and maybe as a result of that I can nap anywhere, anytime. I can nap sitting, I can nap standing… just give me enough space to place this body and I can nap. A bench is nice, a floor is nice, a real bed is heaven. However these strategies are gold:

Follow the tips below to stay alert throughout the day.

The Recovery MetroNap 11 am. After a late night a mid-morning nap will help you function for the first half of the day.

The Mid-Day MetroNap 4 pm. To avoid the mid-day slump, nap in the mid afternoon or approximately 8 hours after you wake.

The Coffee MetroNap Any time. Boost your energy quickly and substantially by combining a nap with coffee. Drink coffee right BEFORE your nap. Nap during the 20 minutes it takes for your body to metabolize the caffeine.

The Disco MetroNap 5 pm. If you know you’ll have significantly less sleep tonight, prepare with an early-evening nap.

The coffee/nap combo seems especially clever.


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