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Ride a bike? Maybe your food is a tax-deductable expense.
It reminded us of a famous Canadian tax case of a few years ago, where bike courier Alan Scott deducted his food costs as a business expense, as he rides 200,000 kilometres per year and consumes 4300 calories a day to keep going, at a cost (over a normal diet) of C$32.50 per day. After many years of hearings and appeals he won- the logic is unassailable. If you ride a bike in the course of doing business and consume extra calories to do so, then the food you eat should be a legitimate business expense. (and we will not get into how the suits always got to deduct the costs of their 3 martini lunches) So order a pizza and send the bill to Uncle Sam or whoever you pay taxes to!
Alan Wayne Scott vs Canada
(Via Treehugger)


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