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–Why did he cut his hair? I saw him last year and his hair was long?
–Why does he play barefoot? Can he not afford shoes?
–So, is it all instrumental? I have all of his records.
–How come Ottmar never takes a solo?
–A word to the wise: if I wanted to hear a saxophone solo I would have gone to a Kenny G. concert. (from 1999)
–When will Ottmar start? (asked after the concert) No, that was Luna Negra! When is Ottmar going to play?
–I have the CD called ‘Luna Negra’!
–Oh, I got that 10 years ago (about ‘La Semana’)

We were having dinner before the show at the Grove in Anaheim and somebody brought up comments people make at our shows. I will make a few comments to those comments. Over the last 15 years my hair has been shaved short far more often than it has been long. I take the comment that I don’t solo as a compliment. The last comment that somebody had bought La Semana ten years ago is a good reminder that my idea of color-coding albums was a well-intenioned mistake. This has dawned on me a while ago and I decided that Winter Rose will be the last CD cover that followed the color-code.


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