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I made some Wallpaper for our computers. Help yourself.


  1. flaco

    very nice…i read your post on releasing the upcoming “Tears in the Rain” through the listening lounge only…is there a chance you’d reconsider this and release a CD too??? see you in Santa Cruz on the 15th (Viva Mexico!!!)

  2. Mausky

    Thanks for all the wonderful stuff you give us…including that beautiful unreleased Opium song. It is heavenly! One of the few things that has had the ability to soothe my mind and soul during these horrific and stressful times! All your music is splendid, but this one has such a special calming ability, like being in the eye and floating! Although it would be down on the list, I hope as part of the aid given in the many evacuee centers about the country, that someone is getting music to these folks, especially the children! Music, art supplies, books…something we can all donate as the healing progresses!

  3. Mar

    i use to do it a lot!


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