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Another nice storm tonight! The above link will lead you to the Unreleased album in our ListeningLounge. I was thinking about Tears in the Rain today and did an improvisation in the studio, with my favorite microphone and preamp, and recording at a resolution of 24/96k. The result is 0509021910. It is unedited and untouched, and no EQ or compression was used at all. A very different sound from Bombay, which I recorded yesterday and which I podcasted today.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Wonderful version of Bombay. I can really see a solo concert series.

  2. v2or

    I just love it. You are truly one of the visionarys in this arena of musical pionears. I am glad that you feel free to share what you are doing. Again I just want to say thankyou. I to can really see a solo soncert series.

  3. Borya

    Fantastic sound of the recording. Your guitar even sounds like as Japanese string instrument in the beginning.

    Just wondering: those track you put into podcasting, why don’t you put them into the LL as well?

  4. Matt Callahan

    I listened to 0509021910 a few times this morning while the house was still quiet. Simply amazing. An entire album of recordings like this would be more than anyone could ask for. When’s the release date again :)

  5. Ottmar

    Boris: as I mentioned in the info of the podcasted “Bombay”, Sony Music owns the publishing for that song. I would have to pay them a share if I charged for it, and in any case I would not be able to use a CC license. I consider the podcast an advertisement for the original version on “The Hours between Night + Day”.

  6. Borya

    Damn, right, that’s what you said about Snakecharmer and the Kora Intro. Being a lawyer I should have thought of this, anyway, I’m too dreamy for this job…… A male Luna Lovegood.

  7. Curt

    I’m with Matt. A solo guitar album with material like this would be a treasure.


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