Thursday Afternoon

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The Reginaldus Liebert CD I bought arrived yesterday. Beautiful 15th century choral compositions. Apparently the old Liebert was considered very talented, but died very young and didn’t leave a lot of music. HERE is a link to the sheet music for a chanson called Mourir me Voy, and HERE is a link to a Midi file of the piece.

I am still experimenting with different microphone set ups for the Tears in the Rain solo guitar recordings. Recorded a little Bombay in my living room today. I am so used to the mic and pre-amp combo I use in the studio that it might take me a while to get used to this. Also, in the studio I keep the microphone fairly close,about 18″ from the guitar, but to capture a little of the room-sound – otherwise what’s the point of making a location recording – I need to keep a little more distance, which changes the sound a lot.

You might have noticed that a bell sounds after you have my diary page open for 9 minutes? I recorded it in my studio a while ago. If you like you can keep the diary page open and hear the bell every 9 minutes. HERE is an explanation. Also, I loaded that bell sound into my Treo 650 and like it much better than the other ringtones. Now I enjoy when somebody calls, although sometimes I won’t answer because I prefer to hear the bell again… You can download the small mp3 file HERE.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Well, get that Bombay in the Listening Lounge!

  2. Yumiko

    the sound of the bell is wonderful.

  3. Mausky

    No bells ringing every nine mintues from your page for me, but the download worked fine! I have a bell with the same resonance…beautiful!

  4. Jorge

    I was in the kitchen (laptop on the table) the first time I heard it. I thought it was comming from outside!

    I love this. I added 523.544 seconds of silence to the file to make it 9 minutes long. The file is under 2MB. I’m going to take it to work and have it repeating in iTunes. I might just forward it to everybody I know with a link to your explanation. With your permission, of coarse. Thanks!

  5. Jorge

    I just realized that it doesn’t have to be every 9 minutes, right? Is there any significance to that length of time?

  6. Ottmar

    No significance at all, except I like the number 9. Originally I wanted to make it random… but random is hard to do….

  7. Matt Callahan

    Just left the page open for 9 minutes just to hear the bell. Cool! But why can’t I download it. It plays but won’t download.


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