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Mind and Life Institute XIII is the latest in a series of dialogues between scientists, the Dalai Lama, and other Buddhist contemplatives on areas of mutual interest at the intersection of western empirical science and the contemplative traditions and their associated methodologies, psychologies, and philosophies.
(Via Dashh: A Day In The Integral Life)

How refreshing! Science and Religion talking… in the same room… discussing the same issues… nice!

PS: deleted a long piece of spam from this post today. Hope that does not become a daily occurence.


  1. Carol

    It is so refreshing to hear some of the positive steps toward understanding in the world. If we’re not afraid to open up and listen , great strides can be made. The Dalai Lama is without fear and so honestly and warmly filled with love for all. And there are many others. I’m sure their numbers will grow. It’s catching I think.

  2. Cesco

    Had the same spam mail in my Blog today, just for your info.


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