Tuesday Evening

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After the afternoon thunder shower I rode my bike into town. I arrived at the plaza as Round Mountain was finishing a free performance on the plaza stage. Robby played cajon, Jon played his upright and Robby’s brother played trumpet while squeezing chords from an accordion.

I rode all around town for an hour, stopping at the back of the Linda Durham gallery building which I had never taken a closer look at. Modern adobe. Will have to go back and take some photos. Interesting use of rusty steel in place of wooden beams. Anyway, I think I had a great time because I remembered that as a kid I never rode my bike to exercise – I rode it to get around, to feel the wind in my face and on my arms, and because it was fun. And so I went on my ride with that in mind. A small adjustment that made all of the difference in the world.


  1. Richard

    I think you’re saying something there. I’m only 29 years old yet I find each step I take is a search for the comfortness of my childhood. I’ve noticed this trend with several other folks. Could this be an adult sub-concious kind of thing?

    I mean what if you had a really disturbed childhood…could it work the other way?

  2. Borya

    Sounds fantastic. Sante Fe, a free Round Mountain concert, going by bike… I’d love to see you sitting on this kind of bike!!

  3. Luz

    That’s an awesome bike!


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