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The link takes you to the site of an LP collector, who has preserved his old LP sleeves. The album is one of the few LPs I still own myself also – what a great title… and yes, I do still own a turntable. Don’t use it much, but listening to an old and scratchy jazz LP is sometimes just the right thing…. I still own about 20 or 30 LPs.


  1. Panj

    Ottmar, do you care for the old glass records also?

  2. Just Me

    wow! just a few??? are these all yours? this is amazing. what a great idea.

  3. dave

    Great link. I still have about 100 LP’s but a broken turntable. I always loved Pink Floyd’s & Yes’ albums covers. I’ve had a poster of Yes’ Tales From Topographic Oceans hanging in my office for years along with poster of The Beatles Revolver.

  4. Just Me

    sorry…just read the blurb properly: not all yours. very cool site, though.

  5. Carol

    Actually my vinyls sound better than they used to. My new turntable and audio system is that much better. I have a bunch of them. Can’t listen to them and Ottmar both though so…

  6. Just Me

    carol: you can’t listen to one artist exclusively, then you’d have nothing to compare them to. :-)

  7. Carol

    Ah, true, Just Me, I enjoy listening to others too. But Ottmar I need. There’s a difference.

  8. Just Me

    carol: perfectly said!


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