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It seems to me that it is of utmost importance to train our minds to be very supple and flexible. We need to ride that beautiful edge between the impersonal oneness and that very human personal expression – and if we are able to switch perspectives easily, and if we are comfortable with moving back and forth quickly, that works beautifully.

At this moment in time the evolution of consciousness is limited by our brain, the filter that regulates our human experience. Those limits can be beautiful or, well, limiting. If I choose to draw with black charcoal, then I will love that experience. If I choose to work with bright oil paints, then I will love that experience. But, if I draw with charcoal and expect to see bright colors I will be disappointed, I will suffer.

But there is so much we can do with the charcoal… we just need a little guidance, a little practice, and some experience! Imagine if we taught children how to change perspectives like that… most of them would probably think it was completely natural…


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