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Micro Story: awaken, realize yourself, climb the mountain and reach the top, become enlightened or translucent…

Macro Story: live your life, play the game of life and being human, show the way by following the way, be the way, walk down from the mountain and enter the marketplace, spread the Dharma, enable other people to awaken, go about your business…

Meta Story: Evolution! evolution of consciousness, conscious contribution to the evolution of mankind/planet/universe…

This is your universe and just as the scientist’s presence in the lab will influence the result of the experiment, changing yourself will surely change the whole universe. When you want to create change, will you try to change the projection (universe/world) or the projector (self). Clearly, changing the projector will change the projection.

Some thoughts inspired by the book The Translucent Revolution


  1. marijose

    Yes, trying to change the projection without changing the projector would result in a distorted image.

  2. Susanne

    This reminded me of some of the insights shared in “The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield – on how to become aware of one’s positive energy, how to maintain, build and nuture it, and most of all share it with others to create a higher human consciousness.
    No coincidences, just goosebumps!!!



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