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New in the Listening Lounge today:

The debut album by Californian nouveau flamenco guitarist Steve Stephen. We met Steve last year and like his music. He is young and talented and it will be exciting to see where he goes from here. His self-titled album is a beautiful start.

Two additional Ottmar Liebert LIVE recordings from 2004: the 3 1/2 minute Kora/Strat/Berimbau Intro to Snakecharmer and the Querencia/Spring Rain/New Horizon medley. Explanation: we don’t offer the Live recording of Snakecharmer itself, because the publishing for that song is controlled by Sony. The band consisted of OL – guitars, Jon Gagan – bass + synth, Ron Wagner – berimbau + percussion, Robby Rothschild – Kora + percussion



  1. Adam Solomon

    I was just about to leave a comment–I was, as you can imagine, ecstatic to see the new additions ;)

  2. Borya

    Uff! That long awaited medley. Cool.


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