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That’s what I am talking about! This week-end we have already sold tracks to individuals in Great Britain, India, and Australia. This is the way to distribute music.

Folks, I would like to try an experiment: normally one hires a PR firm when launching a product or a music album or a store, but I was wondering whether you all would help me with a different approach. Maybe you could write a letter, postcard or email to the editor or music critic or tech writer of any newspaper, web site, and radio or TV station that comes to your mind. Please tell them about our ListeningLounge and how different it is from other download stores on the web! This is a home-grown site – from us to you – and what better way than to try to publicize it with your help!!!

Here is a list of LL features:
— You can listen to the entire track before making a selection
— You get a choice of 4 different LAME encoded mp3 files (128, 192, 256 and 320) as well as AIFF (full CD Quality)
— The music you buy remains accessible to you via the ListeningLounge’s My Music Library, in case you need to download it again…
— All artists and music were selected by me. All music in the LL will always be instrumental music.
— We don’t use copy protection (DRM) on the music, which means the music plays in any device and you can burn backups on CD.
— Most of the music offered is only available from our ListeningLounge, and you won’t find it in stores or on the radio.
— Cover art PDF are available for most albums. Download and print!
— In addition to the regular albums we offer Works in Progress, Live recordings, as well as Loops and Parts for musicians (e.g. just the rhythm guitar or bass or percussion for a song)
— Creativity is encouraged. We use the Creative Commons Sampling Plus license, which allows derivative works, sampling and even commercial use.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Yes sir, I’m on it! ~salutes~ As are, I’m sure, the other ‘Mencos as well!!

  2. Malik Derendinger

    WOW Ottmar this new Listening Lounge is just an outstanding thing! I’m looking forward 4 some more loops and partial Songs from you… This gives me a hole new space to create songs.

    Me, some other musicians and computer aces try to build up some kind of internet-platform for young musicians in Switzerland. Once finished, it hosts a multi-instrument Forum and a database of songs created by the musicians. We hope that we can implement bittorrent links for all songs in database so anyone can download songs through these links…

    I got a little issue with the Listen Lounge here. When I try to listen small loops, media player gives me a error. It says: Ende der Datei (EOF) erreicht. I don’t know the english calling for it, sorry.

  3. Eno

    If anyone would like to help promote Ottmar through different networking sites please feel free to add suggestions.

    I’m sure there are a million and one places we can help get Ottmar’s name in the digital world MORE :)

  4. Curt


    I have the same problem with Media Player on the small loops. I wouldn’t expect a fix from Microsoft too quickly so you can do what I did – open the files with Quicktime!! Their new version 7 is quite nice, just be sure that you download the WINDOWS version.

    MusicMatch also works nicely on these small m3u files.

  5. Ottmar

    Thanks Curt. We will eventually get around to posting a note with a link to QT/Windows on the Loops download page.


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