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Dubai is expected to run out of oil by 2010. Oil is already less than seven percent of gdp.
(Via Marginal Revolution)

In his mid-year speech, earlier today, Honda CEO Takeo Fukui indicated the successor to the erstwhile Acura/Honda NSX sports car is several years from launch:
‘We are now focused on the development of a new model to succeed the NSX for a new era. We would like to debut a new super sports car equipped with a V10 engine in three to four years. Please look forward to seeing the NSX successor.’

(Via Jalopnik)

OK then. I think car manufacturers are officially crazy, out-of-touch with global needs, and dangerously irresponsible.

The other day I saw a Citroen 2CV driving in Santa Fe. It’s a lovely French car from the Sixties and maybe older. It had 27 horsepower! Not 150, and not 500. Do we really need several hundred horsepower in every car?

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  1. milewalker

    Well, for a short rant you nailed shut 3 pretty important topics. Energy, television and spam, not to mention the way people respond – or should I say – allow themselves to be led around – by them. Thanks for saying what I often think. On to more important matters. Silence: no more longing is some of your best work. If I may ask – do I detect a capo on the first fret? My personal experimentation is leaning that way.


  2. Matt Callahan

    I think the car makers are setting us up. They’ve returned to horsepower as a lure and apparently, the fish are biting. Maybe they know how close the end of oil is and they’re just trying to take all they can before we wind up on bicycles? Alternative fuel is the only answer and it seems that none of the car makers care. Toyota is doing great with the hybrid but the next step has to be what other material can we use for the fuel.

  3. Adam Solomon

    Capitalism is a truly wonderful thing. It has just one deadly enemy–stupidity.

  4. Carol

    Adam, I think you are so very right. I’ve been reading David McCullough’s ‘John Adams’ and they were well aware of that. We have to be so selective to find TV, movies, cars, books, music that are what we want..that is worth your time and right. Thank goodness there’s no problem finding the right music.


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