No Cellphones In Flight

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The FAA is maintaining its ban against in-flight use of wireless devices such as cellphones, regardless of the FCC’s recent proposal to allow such usage. Some of you might disagree, but no regrets here: an eight-hour cross-country flight is bad enough with wailing babies and stuffy air; adjacent passengers with too much time on their hands yapping away on their cellphones might just send me over the brink. Incessant IMing over WiFi, however, I can live with. As long as the sound is off. (Note that the FAA’s decision does not affect WiFi radios on planes with Boeing Connexion, a wireless broadband service available on some flights from ANA, JAL, Lufthansa, Scandinavian Airlines, and Singapore Airlines.)
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Agreed! People generally don’t talk into cellphones, they yell into them. A flight full of people talking on their cellphones would be a nightmare. Silent SMS text messages wouldn’t be a bother, but that would involve a cellphone re-design that would automatically turn off the cellphone speaker and microphone during a flight. In other words inside a plane you could only use your cellphone to text. Another possibility would be to have a silent and a yucking section on a plane… put the cellphone talkers in the back, where the engine noise is loudest, errect a nice soundproof barrier somewhere in the middle of the plane and let them talk/yell as much as they want. My ears are being assaulted enough as it is. I certainly don’t want the potential of hundreds of people yelling into their phones. I will fly any carrier that does not allow cellphones.

On the other hand THESE might work. Or maybe I could be allowed to wear a full-face helmet?


  1. Victor

    Big sigh of relief here!

  2. Adam Solomon

    I never really saw the big deal here, I think…don’t people tend to talk anyway on planes? It’s never really bothered anyone else before…

  3. Carol

    When you think that someone might be on their first flight or under some tearing circumstance, I don’t think any of us would begrudge them reching out for reassurance on their cell phone. Not everyone who uses cell phones are thoughtless boors.

  4. Carol

    Oops, retching? Well, maybe that would be cause for discomfort to close passengers. Sorry

  5. B

    Or maybe parents should start raising their children with a basic level of common courtesy?

    Oh! Hahahaha. How silly of me.


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