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Some of the top music labels say they’ve been contacted by Apple about the prospects of selling music videos on iTunes – probably ahead of a fall debut of a color-screen Apple full-motion video iPod.

This is where I am feeling a disconnect with culture and society. For the life of me I cannot see myself staring at a tiny screen to watch a music video or a movie. I mean I would rather read the back of the bag of peanuts than watch a movie on a video-pod during a flight…
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In-Stat report unchanged: users still tepid on mobile video

With yesterday’s news about Apple propositioning content providers for video on their supposedly forthcoming video iPod, it’s rather timely that In-Stat just released their latest market report which basically says straight up that by their pollings—that don’t differ from last year, incidentally—only one in eight users are interested in buying mobile video content for their on the go devices.
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    I wholeheartedly agree Ottmar!


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