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The new ListeningLounge should go live this week. Canton is doing browser and compatability testing. This is the most amazing music store on the web, if I may say so myself. Tags are implemented as a choice. If you click on Browse by Tags you can select tangos or ottmar solo on Transit or cello fuzz bass for example and get only results we tagged thus…

Today I was wondering whether I should add an album of loops to be used for music production, at $1/piece… might be interesting for the musicians among you to get my percussion loops, eh?


  1. Eno

    You knew I’d comment on that. Loops, fa sho!

    It’s nice to have an opportunity to purchase all the live shows and extras that normally you wouldn’t. I think your LL represents more than just your music. It represents the power in this music business going where it should, to the artist and/or the artist’s organization.

    Well done!

  2. Curt

    “…might be interesting for the musicians among you to get my percussion loops, eh?”

    Umm, yeah!!! But, will we need Creative Commons license to use them?

  3. Adam Solomon

    Hmmm, loops sounds very nice–read the “PS” on my last post! I am very, very excited for this…:D:D

  4. Gnome of the Garden


    You truly,never cease to amaze me!The the work of a master! Love, Loops that rocks !Spectacular ! Thank-you for sharing!



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