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I found Wilber’s books and ultimately all the work connected with integral theory because I went to see Ottmar Liebert perform a couple of years ago. He was hawking his website just before intermission, so I checked it out along with his list of highly recommended books. The first one I read was The Marriage of Sense and Soul. I went around for a week perpetually muttering ‘I knew it! I knew it! I’m not crazy! There is an interior, and this guy’s proven it!’ I felt permanently absolved of all the crap I’d ever endured from the many subtle and not so subtle reductionists I’ve encountered in life.

This is beautiful! And I thought nobody was listening… I can’t tell you how much I dislike speaking during our concerts. Speaking worries me more than any tricky passage of music I want to play. It is hard for me to switch from music-mind to word-mind. On the other hand it is great to have the opportunity to say a few words…


  1. Victor

    Isn’t it interesting how the right word at the right time will find somebody! Well, actually the first time I saw you in concert I was wanting you to speak more about your music. But I understand now how that would detract from just letting the music be what it is.

    Anyway, now you have made many people aware of “Creative Commons” – and so many other things that you talk about on your blogs…

    Well, recently I’ve been thinking that it’s scary to think we might say something that has a negative impact on someone even when not intended. And yet, this is the reality of participating in life. So thank you Ottmar for participating in this way!

  2. Carol

    As a teacher of fourth graders who are so idealistic, I was aware of that danger, Victor. A casual word can change lives.


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