Fleeting Beauty

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Go along the path to the Oto-Mare Studio. Duck under the big Aspen branch on the way. Open the blue door. Turn on all of the gear. Cue up some songs recorded live last month. Sit back and enjoy the performance. Nod quietly, a yes to the playing, a yes to the quality, a big smile developing. Then the pause, wondering why there is no sense of space. Then recognition going through mind… a closer look at the files on the screen… they look the same, but should not. Smile fades. Ah, in fact the files are identical and the recordings are in Dual Mono instead of Stereo. A new smile develops. Beauty is ephemeral and these songs were never captured. They will remain wild and at large only in the minds of those who attended the shows. Fine with me. But I’ll make double sure the next concerts are recorded in glorious stereo.


  1. Gnome of the Garden


    The smile the mood your essence and the energy provided , captured , timeless in memory of all there!

    Is the glory !


  2. Curt

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Curt

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I hate it when that happens! Still, a mono recording is better than none at all. At least we still have the fall tour… need a tech? I work for food! :)


  4. Borya

    ha! very Celibidache-like you become!! but you’re mean – to me, because that means even more that I have to get the live experience…

    btw, any pic of the blue door :)

    oh, and walking past that aspen … sounds wonderful.

  5. Ottmar

    Yes, the aspen is beautiful. I am leaving a low branch in the way, so I (and everyone else going to the studio) have to bend my head as I arrive. An old Tea House trick…

  6. Yumiko

    hmmm, but what about the poor soul who doesn’t see tha big Aspen branch in the way…

    dual mono vs. stereo, good to let it go completely. good attitude!

  7. Yumiko

    second thoughts: maybe it would be handy to be short with Ottmar’s old Tea House trick. Totally avoid that branch…


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