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At 4:33 PM, princessflutter said…
As people walked to the parking lot after the concert at MW, I hear a guy in back of me tell his buddy this… “So someone can download one of Ottmar’s songs, change one note and then sell it as their own…that’s ridiculous.” He sounded quite irritated about the whole thing, but I suppose that could have been his lack of knowledge on the subject.

Well, they could sell the resulting song, but
1. they would have to give me credit
2. the would have to release “their” song using the same Creative Commons license I use
3. they would not be able to sell the song for use in a commercial or a movie…

Indeed, somebody could pull a few loops from AlhambraJackson on La Semana, or Sao Paulo on nouveaumatic – then rap over that and sell the song. Cool.

I fail to see how that kind of sampling, or re-using, would hurt me. If somebody else can take my idea and turn it into a song that becomes popular and is heard by many people, doesn’t that spread my musical ideas? And isn’t that part of what making music is about? To contribute to the musical culture. To have one’s ideas heard. To take part.

I welcome somebody to change one note, to add a different beat, to sing over, rap over, play over the songs. I am done with those songs – but somebody else can give them new life. I want the creative play, that’s what matters to me. If somebody creates something new from a song like Cocteau for example, it becomes new and fresh again… and I might just turn around and “modify” their creation!


  1. milewalker

    Ah, but you have re-popularized the genre. It was your music that got me listening to Paco and Vicente, not the converse. It was your music that made me pick up my guitar and experiment with my own unique steel string voicings of this wonderful musical style – truly ‘nouveau flamenco’ – which has come to be a personal favorite. You are a class act – thank you.

  2. Ottmar

    Thanks Milewalker. I don’t disagree. I was trying to point out how funny it is to find the discrepancies between what an artist says, and what a record company might say.

  3. milewalker

    I understand. Kinda like finding out someone mixed your pinot noir with sangria.


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