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Jamie Bonk: Conversation w Stephen Hill

Where’s radio going?

There are a growing number of answers to that question and most of them don’t concern me. So I’d like to talk about the big picture and then look at where I think radio is going for niche music producers like me. The short answer to the bigger question is everywhere. In general, mass media broadcast radio as we have known it for the last 100 years is over. We’re at the lively corpse stage at the moment, and it’s confusing for everyone, even radio professionals.

If you want to read a great interview regarding the past and future of radio and the music biz, check this out!

PS: from my email to Jamie:

In other words, if you like you can loop and sample any portion from my album “La Semana” and Jon Gagan’s “Transit” for your recording pleasure. Legalized sampling for profit. In fact I would be proud if you or anyone you know would indeed sample and use any of my music from “La Semana”.

He writes back:

This is amazing! Truly amazing… You always seem to be leading (stylistically and from a technological point of view) and this sure is a bold step… I’m sure there are a few things off of La Semana I’d love to sample… I have to check out Jon’s record too — he’s a great player, so it would be great to sample him too! Some of my friends work in the industrial, dance, etc. genres so you may hear samples from La Semana on some pretty heavy music in the future.

I wrote:

Opening the Hand of Thought is what I call it. Opening the tight fist that says “mine, mine, mine”. A gesture, a small movement, a glimpse of sanity.

He writes back:

I think you’re right. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t aware of Creative Commons until you and Stephen mentioned it. I’m definitely going to look into it…

This is so great! Musicians are getting it. Creative Commons! I can’t wait to hear snippets from La Semana on new music! Can you smell it? The smell of change is in the air!


  1. Eno

    Thank you very much for that article. Very informative!

  2. Victor

    Very cool! And how do you see this concept playing with the executives at the major labels? Oh, who cares, there might not be any “major label” soon as technology pulls control away from them.

  3. Panj

    What a beautiful saying…Opening the Hand of Thought!


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