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Our podcast will be free. A lure, if you will, enticing people to come and visit our ListeningLounge… You can use iTunes to manage podcasts. You can also use an RSS reader like the brilliant NetNewsWire. There are RSS readers or specific podcast software apps for Windows – use Google to find out more. Regarding the LL – we’ll be giving you a choice of several different grades of high quality mp3 files as well as CD quality AIF files – all for the same price of $1 per song. In fact, you will be able to purchase a song, download the 128kbps Lame-encoded mp3 of that song (maybe you are traveling and you have a bad connection, or you simply don’t have the time to download a larger file), and come back later, sign-in and download the full CD version.. Pretty cool!. All this should ensure that you can enjoy the music no matter what kind of computer or software you use. I want to repeat that we will continue to work with 33rd Street and other companies to manufacture and distribute CDs for those of you who do not like downloading music, however many LIVE recordings or special projects, e.g. t-one 2005, will ONLY be available from the LL. We should only be a couple of weeks away from opening the ListeningLounge. To celebrate the opening we will have special deals available. Keep your eyes on ths space…


  1. Adam Solomon

    Oh God, talk about enticement…………I’m not going to get any work this summer, busy exploring this new LL! You’re doing a real disservice to the astronomical research community, ya know ;)

  2. Mausky

    This post has been removed by the author.

  3. Mausky

    Tell them you are doing private research on Stars, Adam…and you can’t be disturbed!:)


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