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– Everybody on the red bus uses Gmail.

– When I get home at the end of this week I will ask my TV provider, Dish Network to suspend my account – or if they cannot (read: don’t want to) do that I will cancel my subscription. I do not seem to enjoy TV. And it’s not worth paying for service when all I do is watch (listen to) CSI Miami for the soundtrack.

– Everybody is looking forward to the last two shows in Boulder and Denver. I am told I-N will send some cameras to film one of those shows.

– I saw an elderly woman play a couple of slot machines from early Sunday morning until after our performance when I walked back to my room. She must have thought that staying with the same two machines would mean that eventually they would pay out big… that’s at least 12 hours of staring at the machines… amazing!

– The default setting for all hotels should be: Towels and sheets will be re-used unless occupant requests otherwise!
I remember talking to a friend, who was managing a hotel in Santa Fe. He had just made that rule for his hotel. A couple overheard us and the man said “that’s disgusting!”. My friend turned around and calmly said: “Are you saying that you change your sheets and towels at home daily?” The woman shook her head. “Then why do you want that to happen in a hotel, when it is so wasteful.” Or, as another friend once observed, you are supposed to be clean when you towel off – that’s what the shower is for…

– MoJack, who drives our red bus and is the best dressed bus driver, period, turned me on to the Motorola Bluetooth headset. He uses it with his Treo 650. I tried it and must say that I think it works better than the other bluetooth headsets I was using.


  1. Panj

    Just got back from attending your Reno Show on Sunday evening…extremely powerful…slightly overwhelming…one of the most poignant I have attended…The lighting art was fantastic…forcing me to kept my eyes open, more than at any other concert…and even when closed, the light seemed to pierce right through…it added a whole new dimension. As did your electric guitar! Stay Well you guys, you are all much needed!!! God Speed towards home…

  2. milewalker

    I see I’m not the only one turning away from television. The only difference between us is that I use it to listen to the regular CSI theme…
    For me, the device has become a blaring, glaring purveyor of contrived reality and advertising. I do like to watch movies occasionally, but for the price of the service I could purchase one or two dvd’s a month and share them with my friends, etc.

    Thanks for your music and your blog, two of my favorite things. My computer – I’ll be keeping that.

    Best – MH


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