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Just got back from the first of two nights at the Nugget in Sparks/Reno. I get to play 75 minutes plus an encore. Had to drop 3 songs from the set and then we ran out of time for Duende del Amor as well. But we played a long encore piece!

Band is getting stronger. A little calmer, which creates a deeper groove.

My electric guitar has been making a little humming noise since the beginning of the tour. It is probably a ground problem, because the guitar is silent as long as I touch a string. I don’t know enough about electric guitars to attempt to fix the problem myself and we don’t have a guitar tech. So, basically I am trying to always have a finger on one of the strings. I’ll get Keith to look at it when we get home.


  1. Curt

    It may not be your guitar at all – but rather a ground loop problem in your rack (you still use a POD, right?). To confirm this, trying plugging your guitar into another amp or even into Jon’s rig. If you still get buzz, then it’s most definately your guitar. If the buzz is gone, the gremlin lives inside your rack! I would try remounting things in there and maybe even using some of those Hum Freez mounting rings to help keep your units isolated from each other.

    These may be suggestions that you’ve already tried. Don’t know!


  2. Ottmar

    Thanks for the suggestions, Curt. Wiggling the guitar cord stops the hum, which leads me to believe it is inside the guitar.

  3. Curt

    It sure sounds like it! And it’s also a nice easy fix too. Probably just tightening the jack and maybe giving the ground connection a fresh plop of solder.

    I’ve also been wondering about the timestamps you use in this diary… I understand all but the first two digits. Why are they all ’20’?


  4. Ottmar

    Year/Month/Date – 2005/07/04. I don’t use the Millenium and Century digits in my files, but Blogger addes them.

  5. Curt

    OK, now I feel a little silly! That was almost too obvious!

    Thanks Ottmar!

  6. Gnome of the Garden

    Sometimes the Gremlin inside adds to the ambience! Mine has been doing it for years . Its been checked and re-checked! Lol



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